A mobile based queue management system that actualy makes sense.

myToken is simple yet powerful mobile based queue management system that transforms the way you manage your day to day appointments.

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Voice enabled token announcement using Tablet App, Smart TV or Computer.

Get access to voice enabled smart token announcement apps for Tablet device, televisions and computers.

Let customer’s book appointments with a missed call.

The queue manager mobile app turns your smartphone into an automated queuing system. Generate tokens on missed calls and notify customers spontaneously through our SMS gateway.

Cool featuers that makes your staffs life super easy..

  • Define and manage your weekly schedule
  • Pick up and Attend tokens automatically
  • Book appointments for walk-in customers
  • Accept missed call to book appointments
  • Real-time announce token number on tablet

Wonder how it works?

The #1 choice for service providers around the world.

Let your customers book appointments
with a single miss call.

Queue Manager App

Lets you manage appointments, define your weekly work schedules and break time.

Customer Self Service

A self service tablet app that lets your customers request walk-in appointments.

myToken Portal

An advanced web portal system that lets the service reps manage the queue.

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Robust Appointment Engine

Backed by an intelligent appointment engine to achieve seamless customer experience.

3rd Party Integration

Get customized solution for business specific needs - for more details contact us

Secured Backend System

A solid and secured endpoints that ensures your data is secured all the time.

Setup your virtual queue in minutes.
Find the right plan for your organization

  • SMS Notification
  • Appointment Limit
  • Support
  • Web Access
  • Queue Manager App
  • Token Announcement App
  • Miss call for Appointment
  • Personalized Sender ID
  • Advance SMS Option


  • Web and Email



  • Phone, Web and Email


  • 3000 fulfilled appointment

  • Web and Email

Download the Queue Manager Apps

Queue Manager

Queue manager app lets both the doctors and their assistants to manage day to day activities and schedules.

Token Annoucement / Walk-in

Announce the Token numbers and let the walk-in customers self register all through this unique tablet app.

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